Dale (and Valerie) Rickards

Dale (and Valerie) Rickards

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GRN: Where were you raised?

GRN: I was born in Algiers, Algeria, into a missionary family working with North African Muslims. I trusted Christ as Savior at age six. At age fourteen, at a youth conference, I dedicated my life to serve Christ and was baptized publicly.

GRN: Have you had any formal Biblical training?

GRN: I attended Montana Wilderness School of the Bible and discovered a love for studying God's word. That spurred me to complete an undergrad degree in Religious Education at Cornerstone University, and later a Master's in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

GRN: What did you do prior to joining GRN?

GRN: Over the years I have owned and operated several general contracting businesses. I worked in Christian Camping and Conference ministries for three years and also served as Administrative Pastor, K-8 Christian School and Bible College administrator as well as an Adult Christian education teacher in home churches.

GRN: How did you hear about GRN? We moved to Temecula, California in 2006, originally for my wife's job teaching in a local Christian school. My retired parents knew that the GRN offices were in Temecula, and encouraged me to volunteer. Later I found that they had ordered Gospel Recordings vinyl records from the Los Angeles office in the 1950s and 60s. My father would play the GR records in the North African Bible book stores he operated for Muslims. I also discovered that GRN recordists from Switzerland stayed with my family in North Africa prior to heading into the Sahara Desert to record Berber languages.

GRN: What was it about GRN that made you apply? Like many GRN staff members, I began my time at GRN as a volunteer. Later, I was asked to serve on the GRN USA board. After only six months, my wife and I agreed that I should apply to be a staff member. The longer I'm with GRN, the more I'm convinced of the absolute necessity for the Church to use oral resources for finishing the Great Commission. With the majority of the world being oral learners-those people who learn best by listening rather than by reading-the role of GRN pivotal, and it's exciting to be a part of it!

GRN: Tell us about your family.

GRN: My wife Valerie and I met when we were 16 years old, and have been married since 1985. We have four incredible adult children, Jordan, Travis, Ellie and Malia.

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