A Recording Trip to The Czech Republic

A Recording Trip to The Czech Republic

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On Tuesday the 13th May, Joan and I travelled to Prague in the Czech Republic to make recordings in the Czech language. We arrived safely and were met by our language helper Vojta and host for the three days we would be there. We travelled by bus, underground train and tram to his mum's apartment quite near the centre. This is where we would be staying and working making the recordings.

Our Dutch colleague Geert had made the original contact with Vojta and organised many of the details. We had emailed in advance the scripts and stories we wanted translated to record and after some time the translations were completed and ready to record. Now after the planning and much prayer we had arrived and ready to commence recording. This we did the next morning and recorded our Good News script, which will be produced on CD, DVD and for free download.

Soon after we started we heard the sound of drilling from some builders who were working on the plumbing system in the stairway of the 6-floor apartment building. So for a while we started and stopped until we had our first recording completed. In the afternoon and evening we were able to continue with some Bible text recordings and some "Sounds of Life" Bible stories. Eventually we had completed all the recordings we had planned to do. We were so pleased that it had all gone so well thanks to our very efficient friend and language helper Vojta.

Thank you for all who helped support and prayed for this recording project over the time from the first contact. After editing it will be available on our www.globalrecordings.net web site and by other means of distributing these vital recordings.

As we had one more day left we got the opportunity to visit and see the sights in the beautiful city of Prague. It is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever visited. We Praise The Lord for the wonderful opportunity to record in this amazing city.

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