Blaise (and Espher) Vander Linden

Blaise (and Espher) Vander Linden

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GRN: How did you hear about GRN?

Blaise: I had been seriously thinking of moving to the Philippines to work with orphans. A GRN volunteer invited me to tour the Temecula Mobilization Center. As a result, I applied in July of 2014 to become a volunteer. Five months later I made the decision to join fulltime staff.

GRN: Where do you both come from?

Espher: I was raised in the Philippines as a Catholic and immigrated to the USA in 1987.

Blaise: I grew up in the USA and was a churchgoer from an early age. But I didn't really have a "relationship" with the Lord. That happened a year after Espher and I were married.

GRN: How did that come about?

Blaise: Espher was visiting family in the Philippines when an earthquake struck. I had no contact because communications were down. I reached out to the Lord. I not only handed the situation to the Lord, but I gave Him my life. Two days later I received a message that she was okay.

Espher: It wasn't until 2007 that I gave myself to the Lord. It was at a time when Blaise was going through a serious bout of cancer.

GRN: What are your responsibilities at GRN?

Blaise: I'm responsible for managing the daily operations in Temecula and I serve on the USA Admin. Team.

GRN: What gives you job satisfaction?

Blaise: While I use many of the skills from my secular job, I enjoy accomplishing a goal that doesn't involve enticing people to spend their time and money on pursuits that have no real meaning.

GRN: How do you see your work contributing to the aims and goals of the mission?

Blaise: My desire is to make the Word of God known to those who have not heard. To accomplish this, I help organize the office work so the rest of the staff can concentrate on helping people worship and serve our Lord. I bring new people to GRN so they can help take the Gospel message to those who have not yet found the true meaning of life.

GRN: What is your greatest challenge?

Blaise: So much work and so few workers. I would like to help bring in more volunteers, interns and staff to help lessen the load.

GRN: What is the most enjoyable part of your work at GRN?

Blaise: Getting to know the people who are part of the mission. I love to hear where their hearts are, what they do and how they do it. I love the way that in a short period of time I have been treated as part of the family.

GRN: Do you have a favorite Bible verse?

Blaise: I developed cancer in 2001, and found a devotional that explained Psalm 23 through the eyes of a cancer patient. It helped me through my surgery, chemo and again when the cancer reoccurred in 2007. I received strength to carry on with a new bout of treatments. I am now in remission. It taught me that He truly is my Shepard and He takes care of my wants. He seeks to comfort me and protect me.

GRN: Do you have a prayer request?

Blaise: Pray that I find time to grow a partnership support team

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