The team from GRN Australia

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These are the people who make things happen in GRN Australia.

Download the Staff Prayer Calendar (PDF 874Kb) - one staff member featured for each day of a month.

  • Yousif is a trained recordist doing field trips and also working in the studio with existing recordings. Vivian works in the Admin department with the promotions team.

  • Noel is the Global Studio coordinator. Mary works in reception and sales.

  • Franz works part time developing GRN's mobile applications such as 5fish and the Mission Prayers app.

  • Pastor Frank works as part of the GRN promotions team. He raises awareness of GRN and equips others with resources for sharing the Gospel in other languages.

  • Graydon is International Director, Chair of the International Leadership Team and oversees the global ministry coordinators and member care.

  • Darren is the Production Manager, overseeing the manufacture of the Saber hand wind digital player. Elise is admin assistant to the International Director.

  • Wira is the Accountant, overseeing all receipts, paying bills and looking after all the day-to-day financial affairs of the ministry.

  • Andrew and Nellie serve God in the assembly and warehousing areas.

  • Henry is one of GRN Australia's studio technicians.

  • David is National Director of HELP Bangladesh. The family is based in Bangladesh, but return to Australia periodically.

  • Mark is GRN Australia's Manager of Administration, Promotions, Marketing and Volunteers. They are continuing to grow their partnership base with a view to Melanie joining GRN in the near future.

  • Simon works as the Studio Manger in Sydney. He also spends time improving the quality of existing audio recordings.

  • Chris and Cheryl are both trained recordists, and have served God in Europe, Africa and Vanuatu. They now work in the studio in Sydney doing recording, remastering and data entry.

  • Rob is the Business Manager, with responsibility for finance, technical services and the website. Kathy is an Admin Assistant, and compiles prayer points for our monthly prayer letter "Rejoice".

  • David is our Information Technology Specialist, managing the Australian computer network, developing systems, and participating in the global Information Systems team. Katrina looks after the mailing list.

  • David is responsible for maintaining and updating GRN's database and web services.

  • CEO GRN Australia. Christine has a background as an electrical engineer, has studied theology, and served for 10 years with SIM (Serving in Mission) in Ecuador.

  • Helen's role title at GRN is Data Analyst. She spends her time working with the database, finding problems with data and arranging the best way to get problems fixed.

  • Graham provides technical support for recording, editing and playback equipment in Australia and overseas, and processing audio for distribution.

  • Alex and Sybil focus on building relationships with ethnic churches and promotion of the ministry and materials.

  • James leads a team implementing GRN's strategy for delivering audio content via mobile devices to the people least reached with the gospel.

  • Geoff tests GRN applications to ensure Jesus' story reaches users globally. He also promotes GRN's ministry and materials so churches are equipped to share Jesus' story in any language.

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