Faces of GRN - The Accounting Team

Faces of GRN - The Accounting Team

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Taking care of business

When you think of a missionary, the first picture that comes to your mind is probably not of someone crunching numbers, balancing books and issuing financial statements. Yet missionary members with GRN fulfill a variety of support roles that enable the recording teams and distributors to accomplish their crucial work.

Ralph Loper's role as head of the accounting department keeps him very busy. He and his team receipt donations, pay bills and prepare reports for the Board and government, accounting for every dollar taken in and spent. They arrange for our books to be audited and ensure that we remain members in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

In addition to funds needed to sustain the work in the USA, the accounting team keeps track of funds that flow through our global network. A gift to fund needed equipment in Ghana. A grant for a training course in South America. A donation to record a language in Nigeria. "We are stretched to the max," says Ralph, "and we could use more full-time help."

After obtaining his finance degree at Clemson SC and attending Bible school in Greenville, Ralph responded in 1981 to the call of the Lord to serve in our accounting office. "Yes, I could earn more money doing similar work elsewhere," he explained. "But knowing that what I do is helping to get the good news to people who might never otherwise hear, is very fulfilling."

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