Delivered from a Deadly Disease

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Vinod Bhai, from Madhya Pradesh in India, was suffering from a low fever and much weakness. He had visited many witchdoctors but none could help him. In his frustration he visited a medical doctor who confirmed that he was HIV positive.

Upon hearing this, Vinod lost hope and began to contemplate suicide. On his way to drown himself in a well, he met Anand, an evangelist, to whom he poured out his heart. Anand had a GR cassette in the Hindi language. One of the messages on this tape which caught the attention of Vinod was "The Sickness of Man." Vinod asked this question: Can the Jesus Christ in this story heal me from this terrible sickness?

Anand explained about the sickness of the body and the sickness of the soul. "There are medicines that can heal the body but cannot heal the soul," he told him. "You cannot buy medicine for the soul, only Jesus Christ can heal the soul." Anand opened his Hindi Bible and shared passages of scripture where Jesus healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and made the lame to walk. As he listened, the Holy Spirit gave him the faith to believe that this Jesus could also heal him from AIDS. Anand laid his hand on the shoulder of Vinod and prayed. After the prayer, Vinod gave his heart to the Lord Jesus.

After three months Vinod went for more tests. He was amazed when the doctors told him that there was no trace of the HIV virus and that he was completely healed! Vinod now testifies that "Jesus healed the sickness from my body and soul. If you give Him a chance, He will also heal you because He is the Divine Healer." Pray for Vinod as he witnesses to the saving power of God.

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