The "Good News" in action

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From the Global Prayer Digest, 12 October 2004

Taped messages are a very effective tool for evangelism that can be heard either electronically or on hand-wound cassettes. The latter is especially useful in remote areas. Global Recordings Network (GRN) has recorded and distributed culturally relevant audio evangelism materials in over 5,580 languages! One project, "Good News", is a series of 40 audio segments, which accompany a 40-page picture book telling many Bible stories.

GRN's Ishmael Project serves the Muslim peoples and the multiple languages and dialects spoken by them. GRN tries to get native voices, speaking without any foreign accent, to record the stories in each people group's heart language.

A GRN worker in a desert country hostile to evangelism was having a difficult time finding a believer from the B people group to record the messages. But God was at work, and "Nathan", a B tribesman who had immigrated to a European city, was walking along a street one day and heard other African immigrants singing in a language similar to his own. They were Christian believers! Nathan began attending their meetings and became interested in Jesus. The GRN recordist enlisted Nathan to record the "Good News" series in his dialect. Nathan was only able to record 11 of the 40 segments before he was threatened and deported from Europe.

Pray for those trying to find Nathan so that he can finish the recording. Pray for more opportunities to record the "Good News" series for other unreached people groups.-JS

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