Oceania... Cross or Crescent?

Oceania... Cross or Crescent?

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What is the greatest need of the Oceania region ... from a GRN perspective? At the Regional conference back in March, it did not take us long to identify the growth and spread of Islam as the major challenge to Christian ministry and witness. With this in mind, we zeroed in on two areas of the Region West Papua in Indonesia and Mindanao in the Southern Philippines.

Mindanao is a predominantly Muslim area, the home of several Muslim extremist groups and the source of a great deal of "Islamic pressure" in the Philippines.

West Papua is a very different situation. Once predominantly Christian, the 'balance' has dramatically shifted as a result of the 'migration' of tens of thousands of Muslims from elsewhere in Indonesia. Christians now find themselves the minority in many places. There have already been signs of a growing Muslim domination. Fears of another Ambon are widespread.

The Christian church and Christian ministries need to focus prayer and strategic ministry into these sensitive and critical areas, so please join with us to pray for the church and believers in those areas, and for effective Christian ministry.

Pray also for wisdom from God to know what GRN's part should be. We would like to see our teams in Indonesia and the Philippines grow to better face these challenges. Pray with us for the right people and for the resources to support and equip them.

Yours for the unreached,

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