K and V

K and V

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K and V are staff members of Global Recordings Network USA serving in Thailand. Because of security concerns, actual names are not used.

GRN: When did you join GRN?

K: I've served in various roles in the USA and Thailand since 1997. V joined the work in 2003 after having served with New Tribes Mission in Thailand and Cambodia for over five years.

GRN: How did you hear about GRN?

K: I heard about Gospel Recordings as a child, but it wasn't until I was 38 years of age that I heard God calling me to Gospel Recordings (now GRN).

GRN: How did that come about?

K: I was praying about the future and God told me two words: Gospel Recordings. Later, I went on a GRN summer outreach trip to Mexico where, in less than two weeks, our team gave out evangelistic recordings to people speaking 59 different languages and dialects. Many of them had no other way to hear the Gospel. During that time, God confirmed that He wanted me to be a part of this important ministry.

GRN: What took you to Thailand?

K: While working at the USA headquarters, I felt called to be a field recordist. I was being trained in Nepal when I heard God calling me to work in Thailand, where I have been since 2000. In addition to recording, I've also used my accounting skills to handle the finances for the GRN work in Thailand.

GRN: How did you come to know the Lord, V?

V: I was saved at the age of 21 when I came to the USA from South Vietnam. I felt God was calling me to become a missionary during the time I was a language helper for New Tribes Missionary candidates. I attended Bible school, mission training and language school with New Tribes Mission. I served in Thailand where I shared the Gospel with many Thai and tribal peoples and also taught the Bible to women and teens.

GRN: How did you and K meet?

V: We met through mutual friends in Chiang Mai, Thailand before I went to Cambodia. After spending more than one year in Cambodia, we got engaged and so I returned to Thailand, where we were married in 2003.

GRN: What do you like best about working with GRN?

K: We both have a passion to see people come to know the Lord Jesus and have a growing relationship with Him. GRN gives us the opportunity of communicating the Gospel to people who may have never understood clearly before, by using their own dialect and the framework of their own culture. It is a great joy to introduce them to the Lord Jesus and the wonderful salvation He offers them. We both enjoy meeting and serving together with people from different cultures and languages and it is exciting to see God open doors for the recordings to be made and draw people to Himself as we pray.

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