Charles and Stella Gutierrez

Charles and Stella Gutierrez

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GRN: How did you hear about GRN?

Charles: We first learned about Global Recordings through our church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A missionary from Global Recordings told about the work God does in reaching the lost all over the world. We were amazed to hear how many languages are spoken worldwide and that GRN has recorded gospel messages in thousands of dialects.

Stella: This gave us a vision and a calling from the Lord to serve Him through this ministry. We moved to Southern California in 1986 and have served there since.

GRN: What are your responsibilities at GRN?

Stella: I help to process donations in the Accounting Department.

Charles: I run the Media Duplicating Department.

GRN: How do you see your assignments fitting into the main objectives of the mission?

Charles: Our GRN motto is Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language. The CD's and other media I produce do just that.

Stella: We couldn't run our mission without the financial help of our donors. They are part of our team and we need to be accountable to them.

GRN: What is your vision for GRN?

Charles: We want people groups that are not being reached by any other means, to have an opportunity to hear the good news of salvation in their own languages.

God calls people from all walks of life to serve Him in unique and special ways. He is also calling people worldwide like you to play a part in reaching the lost. Your prayers and financial support for Charles and Stella will enable them to continue to go forward in their ministry for Him. Please pray and consider how God would have you partner with them in this endeavour.

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