John Blomberg

John Blomberg

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We found John Blomberg in his workshop at the GRN Global Mobilization Center in Temecula, California.

GRN: What are you working on today, John?

John: I'm servicing our tape decks. We use these for digitally remastering the hundreds of tapes that were made in former years. I had to interrupt what I was doing to check on a leaky roof.

GRN: You certainly have a wide range of assignments. Do you do a lot of projects involving electronics?

John: Now that everything is digital, there is much less equipment repair needed. We use many computers here and they need to be maintained. I also help with building maintenance and am called on to fix anything that breaks, including items like eye glasses, jammed staplers, and vacuum cleaners.

GRN: Is all your work done right here?

John: Most of it, yes. I have also had the opportunity to travel overseas, both to teach nationals how to repair our players and also to work with teams who distribute our recordings

GRN: Tell us about your most challenging problem?

John: The batteries in early models of our Saber MP3 Player required periodic charging when not in use. To complicate matters, before being charged, the generators had to be cranked. We had a large number in stock so it would have taken a great length of time to accomplish.

GRN: How did you solve it?

John: I asked the staff to pray with me. I was then able to make a five-place cranking machine and a one-hundred-twenty-one place charger. This speeded up things considerably.

GRN: Where did you learn how to do this kind of work?

John: My military service was excellent preparation. I was initially reluctant to serve, but the Lord turned my attitude around. I enlisted in the Air Force. After schooling in electronics, I served as an instructor in the aviation electronics school at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. This experience enabled me to develop new and creative ways to further the gospel.

GRN: Why did you decide to work for GRN?

John: During Air Force days the Lord gave me the desire to use my newly gained talents in His service rather than to make a comfortable living for myself. While in Bible school, I took a tour of the Los Angeles office, and felt the Lord's call to this work.

GRN: Many people may not equate electronics with missions. How does your work further the gospel?

John: Our recorders, players, servers, and computers are the workhorses of our mission. When they fail the work is hindered.

GRN: How did you learn to handle the spiritual aspects of the work?

John: I received valuable teaching in the Word from my home and my church. I came to salvation at an early age and have delighted in learning the Word of God.

GRN: Do you have a special Bible verse?

John: In high school, the Lord gave me Isaiah 26:3 as a life verse. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee." This has been a constant comfort and inspiration.

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