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Materials ready to leave UK office
Materials ready to leave UK office

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GRN Sabers and flipcharts are well received

Hi again, I hope you are having a good start to 2017. We recently completed an audio recording here in our Clare office in the Baltic Romani language for those speakers living in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland & northern Russia.

Over the Christmas period we were able to send 22 Saber players & Solar panels to pastors & evangelists in Orissa, India. These were loaded with 7 different languages used in the tribal regions.

Also we sent 12 Saber players & flip charts to pastors in Chad, Africa who are Gabre-Kimri speakers there in this very dry & remote region, about 500 km from the capital. Here you can see a photo of the materials ready to leave our UK Office and then in Chad Africa in a remote village 500 miles from the capital city.

At the end of March Kenny is attending a 3 week recordist training course in Togo, Africa to help upgrade train some of our recordists from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cameroon & Togo. This will be wonderful experience for all concerned & Kenny is looking forward to meeting all his fellow recordists there. Please pray for this time away in Africa.

Recently we were able to pay for some micro SD cards to be distributed in an Asian country. These were loaded with the new Jesus Film in their language. This means that many families & others can watch The Jesus movie for the first time on their mobile phones A .

A BIG thank you to all for your support and prayers for these projects....

God Bless you.
Kenny & Joan McKee.

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