Report from a Restricted Country

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For Christian workers' safety and to help make further evangelism possible, real names and exact locations aren't used on this page. But since God wants all people to repent and know Him, the story of His work and the brave ones doing it is told for encouragement and edification.

The GRN leader in one country (not mentioned for reasons of security and future effectiveness) reports...

I went to a city that was in the middle of the war. A ship had been bombed killing over 200. A trip that usually would take a few minutes took us two hours because we detoured around and through a mountain pass.

Arriving in the city, I stopped at a food stall and ordered something. We could hear shooting nearby. The owner prepared the food and then hid under her table, frightened. I was reminded of Psalm 23:5 -

After that I boarded a 15-passenger boat to visit another town. But before we left, a small boat came bearing some people I knew, most with weapons due to the treacherous situation. So, I got a ride from them and someone else took my place in the transport vessel. Both boats left port together, but went in different directions. Minutes later, the transport (which I had been on before) was attacked by shooters in two speed boats. All the passengers were killed.

That's how things are going in that region, but I still see that faith is growing. Four churches were bombed and others closed. Part of the country now uses a non-Christian religion as their official law. At the same time, however, more Christian material is being made in local dialects. I plan to return there in March. The Name of Jesus be exalted! His will be done. Thank you for your prayers.

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