Trekabout Nepal: Good News from Down Under

Trekabout Nepal: Good News from Down Under

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Eleven short-termers joined forces with the GRN Nepal team to visit about 20 villages and share the gospel with as many people as possible. More than 1000 people heard the gospel in their own language. The GRN Good News presentation once again demonstrated its worth with many saying that it helped them to clearly understand the Christian message. The Saber players 'spoke' the messages with clarity and power with as many as 30 people listening at one time.

On the way back through a village we came across a few men struggling with a telegraph pole. They had dug the hole but getting it in and upright was proving a challenge so... off came the packs and after 20 minutes huffing and puffing, the new telegraph pole was in place! The locals were very appreciative and said they would never forget the day the Australians came through their village. We wanted to make sure it was a day they would really never forget so while they were making us tea out came the Sabers and pictures and we shared the gospel with them. The crowd grew and many stayed and listened, then engaged in some quite robust discussion! After the discussion, an older man who had remained silent throughout the presentation approached the team and asked if we would come to his home and pray for his sick wife. While most of the team headed back to base, three of us climbed the hill to the man's house. Before praying we explained a little more of the gospel then asked the man if he wanted to become a follower of Jesus. He said 'Yes' then went on to explain how the presentation he had heard down in the village was very clear. As we prayed, there were tears in the old man's eyes. What a joy it was to welcome him into the family of God.

Please pray for those who heard the word and responded in faith.

During that week the gospel was shared in many village homes, with dozens of school children, a few policemen and several young soldiers. One of our Nepali colleagues led a young lad to the Lord who had been sent by his family to show the team a short cut. While showing them the right path out of his village, he found the right path for life.

Please pray for those who heard the word and responded in faith. Many will face opposition. They need support and encouragement. Pray also for those who are journeying towards Christ, that they will soon find him. Please pray too for the ongoing work of GRN Nepal. Finally pray for the team who went to Nepal, that God would continue his work in them and through them to the glory of His name.

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