The Ups and Downs of Recording Life in Nepal

The Ups and Downs of Recording Life in Nepal

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Surendra - GRN Nepal Director

We left for the far east of Nepal, hoping to record the gospel in several languages. The first of these was the Kayort language, a GRN Priority #1 unrecorded language in which there are no believers. We found a village leader and some others interested in helping with the recording and got started on the Good News program. These Kayort speakers could not read so we had to do "sentence by sentence" recording. On the first day we were only able to record the text for ten pictures before the Kayort speakers returned to their village.

When they went back it seems that Satan started to work on them and they realized, "If we help in doing this kind of recording, it will change our religion". This made them angry and they called us to say, "we cannot help you any more". They even called a meeting of all the villagers and told everyone not to help us. The village leader who gave this warning is a Maoist area commander so everyone was afraid of him. The project stopped right there and our guys were very frustrated.

Soon after, we discovered another new group of people called KAPDI, which we had never heard of before. They are a very interesting people. They don't own land or houses but are nomadic, living in simple tents on government land or on the riverbanks. There are no believers in this group either.

They call themselves "cheaters" and go around the city selling fake herbal medicine. They hunt doves and cats with their spears. They especially like cat meat. They also like to drink alcohol all the time. Five young men of the tribe agreed to help us record the "Good News" program and some short gospel messages. They were very positive towards the gospel but we still had to pay for their food, transport and 5kg of rice to each of them per day. We were happy to pay this in order to enable this group of "cheaters" to learn the true ways of God.

God really spoke to one of the language helpers, a 22 year old man, who said, "Now I want to go to church because these things we recorded are good". He went back and told everyone in his community about this - but they were not happy with him.

A few days later this young man invited us to his place and we went with excitement. He had borrowed chairs, set them out and was making tea for us when we arrived. A crowd of people gathered and we realised that God had given us a great opportunity. We started to share the Gospel with them. At first the situation was good but after some time an older man from the group got really angry and started to shout at the young man and at us. So we ended our conversation and left the village.

In the West

A few weeks later, we found ourselves at the western end of the country! Our local contact told us about the SONAHA people. This people group is very small with only about 1200 people in total. Among them we found one Christian who has been trying to witness to his people. At first he was suspicious of us and asked many questions to make sure that we were not bringing any false teaching to his people. Once he was satisfied, he agreed to help us and brought another lady to help who was not a Christian. Both of them were very intelligent and good so in two days we recorded the "Good News" and a set of short messages in this language. When we finished, the local believer said that his people really needed to hear this message. He was very happy and he hugged us for a long time and cried with happiness. We could see the tears flowing from his eyes and he said "thank you very much for doing this for our people. It's very hard for me to be the only Christian from my people group.

Surendra writes...

We really enjoyed all our trips. In the ups and downs, the easy and the difficult times we felt your prayers and God has answered those prayers. Now please pray for the editing, programming and the distribution of these recordings. The people are waiting and needing to hear the word of God in their own mother tongue. We praise God for the wonderful opportunity he has given us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this land of the Himalayas in the mother tongues of all the people.

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