Making Jesus known from the Amazon to the Andes

An indigenous Indian from Ecuador hearing the story of Jesus on the <a href="/topic/saber">Saber</a> mp3 player.
An indigenous Indian from Ecuador hearing the story of Jesus on the Saber mp3 player.

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Jaime and Esther Hernandez: recording the Good News for the Amazon tribes in Brazil
GRN Mexico workers with leaders David and Gerry Gutierrez shown center
Recordist Noemi Cano

Jaime Hernandez was born and raised in a small village in southern Mexico along with his two brothers Joel and Daniel. Their father, a Mixteco Indian, attended a small church in their town.

Living in his small village, Jaime never dreamed that one day he would be traveling to places thousands of miles from home. But God had a plan for him and in time led him to join GRN Mexico. It was there that he met his future wife, Esther. They both trained as recordists and have worked among Indian groups in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela. This year they are moving to Brazil to focus on the Amazon tribes. Esther will soon give birth to their first son.

In addition to Jaime and Esther, God has raised up three Mexicans and four Colombians to record the message of His love for the peoples of South America. They are working towards the day when every tribe will be rejoicing over God's love story in the languages they speak. There is still much work to be done with 730 languages and dialects spoken in this part of the world. GRN has recorded Bible stories in 430 of those. While many of these could use more teaching, we need to start from square one for the remaining 300 languages.

CDs can talk, but they can't walk!

Recording is one facet of our work. Distribution is the other. Americas Project directors David and Gerry Gutierrez have invested time training interested people to distribute our evangelism cassettes and CDs.

In Colombia they recently trained 12 people, six of them Indians. All were enthusiastic. Gerry writes, "When they heard about the gospel messages recorded in Paez, Ticuna, U'wa and other languages, they wanted to be the Making Jesus known from the Amazon to the Andes hands and feet to take the CD's to those who need to hear of God's love."

David and Gerry repeated the course in Ecuador. "We met a missionary who had prayed for ten years for GRN to return to Ecuador! Over and over we are blessed to hear how whole families and tribes are changed by hearing God's message to them in their own language."

In Ecuador they trained six Indians. Half were Waoranis (formerly known as Aucas). Sixty years ago this tribe had never had contact with outsiders. Gerry writes: "It has been fascinating listening to them talk about the changes that have come to their tribe since the five missionaries were martyred. One is Mincaye, grandson of one of those who speared the five missionaries. Thanks for praying for the training of this new generation of Indian missionaries."

Going forward, David and Gerry want to recruit and train 15 more recordists to join the present recordist pool. This will take many resources for training, travel and recording equipment. They will also hold more distribution training courses to mobilize Indians and non-Indians alike to spread the gospel.

David and Gerry want to mobilize more people to be ministry partners. We especially want to see a great increase in intercessors. They conclude, "We would surely be more effective if we had more people praying for specific language groups, asking God to prepare the way and make hearts tender to receive His Word."

Interested in becoming an Americas Project Partner? Contact the USA office for an Americas Project info sheet that shows ways you can participate.

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