Ministry Update: The Americas Project

Ministry Update: The Americas Project

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David and Gerry Gutierrez

In Latin America there are over 900 languages spoken by millions of native people. Many of these groups have never heard of the love of God and salvation through Jesus Christ. Some of the barriers to people receiving the gospel include linguistic differences, geographical isolation, cultural barriers, and the fact that most tribes are oral communicators and don't read and write.

For the past ten years, GRN Mexico under the leadership of David and Gerry Gutierrez has been training Latin Americans to record and distribute audiovisual material among the tribal people of Mexico and six South American countries. Here is a brief overview:

Argentina In the past, Argentina contributed six people to the GRN staff. We pray for more willing workers.

Bolivia There have been as many as four recordists working in Trinidad, a small town in the Amazon region. Most Bolivian languages have been recorded but much distribution needs to be done.

Brazil A recording team is at work in the Amazon region. The tribes of Brazil are very small and isolated. There are legal and logistical obstacles to providing the good news, but nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Chile The most recent recording was the Mapadungun in southern Chile, while the Rapa Nui on Easter Island still needs recordings to be made.

Colombia nd Venezuela Both of these countries have ethnic groups which have no gospel messages in their mother tongues. For groups that do already have recorded messages, the GRN team began work in 2007 to promote the use of these and to record additional material. In 2008 a training course was held in Bogota to train more recordists.

Peru Two single ladies have worked there for the past seven years. From Lima they have traveled from the 14,500 ft peaks in the Andes to the sinuous rivers of the Amazon providing recordings for the Quechua tribes and smaller river aboriginals.

Central America There is no active work or plans for recording, but David and Gerry plan to travel from Oaxaca, Mexico to Panama this fall to check out the land, do some promotional work and see what doors God will open.

Pray For The Work In Latin America Pray for open doors, effective recordings and distribution, unity, abundant provision to do the work, and for the extension of God's Kingdom into even the smallest of the tribes.

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