Getting the message out... on CD!

Producing cassette tapes
Producing cassette tapes

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A CD duplicator
India scenes
Some of GRN's CD materials

It used to be records, then cassettes, now it is CDs, DVDs and MP3 files that are getting the message of God's love to those who need to hear it. Here we tell something of the "CD story"!

From France

We are producing and distributing about 500 CDs per month, mostly to migrant workers.

From Mexico

During the month long Culiacan outreach we are producing and distributing 1500 CDs per week; for the rest of the year about 4-600 per month. Thankfully we have 6 CD duplicators, which we maintain carefully. They work hard!

From Pakistan

As yet we don't have our own CD duplicators but we are aiming to have produced and distribute about 700 CDs per month. Only this morning I prayed for high speed CD duplicator.

From Siligiri (NE India)

We are sending out about 200 CDs per month- but we need a CD printer.

From Swapan in India

Having received orders of 200 CDs in BHOJPURI language and 200 in MAGAHI, I made preparations to hand deliver them to the evangelists who had asked for them. I booked the train ticket for the evening of the 25th May. On the night of the 24th cyclone 'Aila' hit Kolkata. The next day as the rain and wind increased, hundreds of trees fell, power lines were cut, homes and lives were lost and traffic came to a standstill, but I was determined to deliver those CDs so I left in plenty of time to catch my train.

When I reached the main road I saw hundreds of people returning home from work on foot as roads were blocked and there was no public transport. Amazingly I found a taxi which was able to get me to the station through many back lanes!

The train arrived 7 hours late, delayed by trees across the track in several places, and by the time I reached my destination, the person who had come to meet me had long since gone home. Thankfully, I was able to contact another Christian leader who came to the station and took the first consignment of CDs to deliver them to the evangelist who ordered them.

First delivery complete!

I then called the other evangelist and arranged to meet him at 9:30pm. I caught another train to the next destination in Bihar State. He told me to call him when I arrived but when I got there at 10:20 I could not contact him. This was a dangerous place! There was no electricity and everything was dark. There were some 'unsavoury' characters around. I prayed and started asking people where my contact lived. I only knew the name of the area. Nobody was able to help me until a cycle rickshaw driver offered to take me to the area and said we could ask people there if they knew the man.

I didn't have any other options so away we went. It was so dark I could not even see the road. Somehow we made it to the right area and found a young man on the street. He could not help us. Then along came two drunks! I was really afraid but they insisted on trying to help! In somewhat slurred speech they said they knew the man I was looking for. They got behind the rickshaw and pushed while shouting directions to the 'driver'.

They took me straight to the right house! Praise God. The evangelist started playing the CDs straight away and many Hindu people gathered around to listen to the message of God's truth in their own language and in the right 'style'. The night was a nightmare for me as there was no electricity, no bathroom, only one toilet for 26 people and I 'slept' on the floor being eaten alive by mosquitoes! I got up at 4am unable to lie down any longer! The trip was hectic and painful but I rejoiced that I was able to deliver 400 Gospel CDs which will enable many to hear the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ."

More From Swapan

My colleague Gopal came back very excited after delivering 300 CDs in the MAITHILI language. He said, "I played the CD to a group of people for hours and they wanted to hear it again! They took the CDs home to listen over and over again. One of them said, "I have never heard such a good message and song in my own language. Now I know that outsiders have a heart for us."

Another exciting story:- Mr. Pradip Sikdar was 64. He was bed ridden for some time. I do not know if he was a believer, but in his early days he used to go to church. A week back we gave him 3 CDs in BENGALI. He asked his wife to play them many times and even started singing the songs. Yesterday he said to his wife, "I am going to see Jesus. Now I need to give some offering. Please bring an offering bag." His wife brought an ordinary bag, and he put some money. He slipped into unconsciousness and this morning he went to be with the Lord.

His wife told me, "The CD you gave us is so beautiful. My husband felt that he is in a church, and all the time he sang some of those songs. Thank you so much for this spiritual CD. My husband's soul found Jesus just before he died".

The Word of God will change many hearts in that region, I believe. We hope to see a new world with a changed new heart. This morning I received another order from one pastor who needs 500 CDs for his work. We are grateful to God for His grace.

Please continue to pray for our work. Pray for the materials that they may penetrate hearts with God's truth and change lives. May the Lord bless you.

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