They really speak clearly!

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A Chinese language ... the internet ... and a heart connection

Missionaries working with some Chinese people wanted to find recordings in the Toisan dialect. Friends suggested that they check with Global Recordings Network. They did and here is their story:

"We found that GRN had seven messages in Toisan! They are messages on topics such as Who is the True God? and Who is Jesus? They clearly describe the gospel message. We have been so amazed that we were able to find and download them via our computer. We have now listened to all seven of them with our friend's mother, Mrs. Y.

"In the past we have listened to recordings with Mrs. Y in the Cantonese language and she would sometimes say she couldn't understand what they were saying. Other times, it would be obvious that she wasn't really taking in what was being said. Now, her most frequent comment with these recordings has been 'They are really speaking clearly.'

"The difference in the look on her face as she listens has been enough to confirm that she understands well what they are saying. This is a real confirmation to us on the importance of hearing the Word in one's heart language. Thank you so much...we are really so glad to have these recordings."

Note: These recordings were made in 1962. When Mrs Y says that these really speak clearly, this tells us that the recordists back then did an excellent job of making recordings that are culturally relevant even today.

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