Messenger Memories

Messenger Memories

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The Saber offers cutting edge technology in a rugged and hard wearing unit. They need to be extremely hardy. Reflecting on the strength of the Saber brings to mind the Messenger cassette player, and some of the more unusual feedback we've had from it.

The Messenger hand wind cassette playback machine was developed in 1981. Since that time many thousands have been produced and used extensively.

In the western world it is largely understood that if machinery of any type is not working as it should, it needs to be repaired. But for those with a limited knowledge of technology, this is not always the case.

One tribal group encountered a problem when their Messenger player failed to work. Their strong belief in the spirit world led them to the conclusion that it had been afflicted by an evil spirit. The evil spirit could be cast out of the machine by either throwing it into the fire, or smoking it out. Needless to say, neither was helpful to the Messenger. Another tribe believes that healing comes through immersion in water - also not helpful for a sick Messenger!

On a few occasions, a Messenger has been repaired quite simply by removing the back of it and insisting the inhabitants find a new place to live. These included baby snakes, cockroaches, spiders, lizards, and their eggs.

A Messenger player was returned to GRN for repair of worn heads after 17 years in the field. Although filthy and battered, it was still in working order; a testimony to the strength and durability of the players.

The Saber players have been developed with all of the above experiences in mind. The new unit is sealed so immigrant pests will not be able to gain entry. They are rugged, moisture resistant, dust proof and reliable. The conditions and climates that the Saber will be used in haven't changed. For that reason GRN, with the help of volunteer workers and provision from the Lord, will continue to develop strong, durable machines.

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