Sharing God's love with the peoples of the Amazon

Sharing God's love with the peoples of the Amazon

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E.peen from the USA and Gracie from Brazil have teamed up to take God's word in audio form to some of the most isolated tribal groups of the Amazon basin.

For years they have invested themselves in living among several Indian groups to gain their trust and to understand and identify with their needs. They have helped them with their daily work and have shared in their joys and tears.

There are many impossibilities in making contact with the indigenous Indians. Many tribes are off-limits to outsiders. Government restrictions aim to protect them and their cultures. Even when contact is possible, tribals are often fearful of outsiders, and with good reason. Many have been exploited (and some even killed) by drug traffickers, miners and guerillas.

The isolation of some tribes makes them very vulnerable to diseases when exposed to people from the outside. They have no immunity to common viruses such as flu and chickenpox. These can spell death for them. This is a huge dilemma for those trying to take the good news to these tribes since their very presence can harm the people they are trying to help.

Our love of Christ and His command for us to go into all the world compels us to find a way. One key is to disciple and train Indian believers to use the audio approach to share God's story with oral people groups.

E.peen and Gracie are investing time to find ways so that these tailender peoples-those at the very end of the line in terms of receiving a gospel witness-can hear, understand and experience the love and grace of God. Indians often feel inferior to the more dominant cultures. They need to experience the love of God because no one is inferior in His eyes. All are special to Him!

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