Orality - Hearing the Gospel

Orality - Hearing the Gospel

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by Doug Armstrong

How do we reach 2/3 of the world's population who do not or cannot read? Mission organizations are making new efforts to reach this large people group with the Gospel. For many people the written Word is foreign to them and it is not the way they learn. Oral learners absorb their information through story telling, drama, music, art, architecture, and poetry.

Print media users are now discovering that their target of reaching the world with God's Word in print, is only reaching about 30% of the world's population. We have missed the target! To reach the rest of the world's people groups, we are going to have to put God's Word into an oral format that will provide His truth in a way that the oral learner can understand, internalize and respond to Christ's call on their lives.

"Language is so overwhelmingly oral that of all the many thousands of languages spoken in the course of human history, only 106 have ever produced literature and the MOST of them have never been written down." --Munro E. Edmonson, 1971

Jesus was an oral communicator. He always taught in stories (parables). If it worked for Jesus, it will work for you. The International Orality Network is a collaborative effort with 14 ministries. It connects people who are reaching oral communicators as well as Unreached People Groups to storing and story-telling resources and training. Global Recordings Network is excited to be working with this network of mission agencies.

The Saber player can have a significant impact in helping the oral communicators hear the Word of God. Mission agencies around the world are excited about this hand-wind MP3 player that is specifically designed to be used with oral learners to assist them in hearing and understanding God's Word.

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