Nepal - Trekabout

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Above: View Graydon Colville - previous Trekabout leader - speaking about the mission
One of the previous Trekabout teams

About Trekabout

Join the next Trekabout - departing January 2019!!

An exciting, life changing, cross-cultural short term mission program providing hands on ministry experience, and many opportunities to learn and grow in your experience of God and his work in the world - in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Until recently a Hindu kingdom, the nation of Nepal is now ruled by a democratically elected government. At the time of writing, the situation in Nepal is peaceful but lacks long-term stability. The church is enjoying more freedom than ever before.

There is a strategic window of opportunity to be a part of God's work in this mountainous country where Hinduism and Buddhism are the dominant religious influences.

The church there is less than a hundred years old but in its short history has seen strong opposition and remarkable growth.

About 360 languages and dialects are spoken in Nepal. Most of these have no written Scriptures. Global Recordings Network (GRN) Nepal has played a significant role in the growth of the church in Nepal by recording Bible and evangelistic messages in more than 120 local languages. Using and distributing some of these recordings will be a major part of the work of the mission team.

This is a great opportunity to come alongside Nepali believers and...

  • Find out about Nepal, its history and the story of the church there
  • Learn about Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism
  • Experience cross-cultural ministry
  • Help share God's word and God's love with Nepalis who don't know him
  • Encourage local believers
  • See the beauty of God's creation in Nepal
  • Step out of your comfort zone and grow in your faith and experience of God
  • Be challenged about your involvement with the work of God in the world

Register your interest in Trekabout 2019 - contact GRN Australia. Read more about it here.