Focus on Sudan: Closing the GAP

Focus on Sudan: Closing the GAP

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Every indigenous people group needs to have the message of hope in their words

Sudan has seen much trouble over the past few decades with civil wars between the north and the south. More recently the conflict in Darfur gained worldwide attention for the huge extent of human suffering. Many spoke of it as genocide. Despite this, more than five million people have turned to Christ in the past ten years.

Over the years, GRN teams have worked in this East African nation recording Bible stories in 129 languages and dialects. With close to 300 languages spoken by the Sudanese people, there is still much work to be done if we are to close the gap and make the message of hope available to every indigenous people group. To this end, GRN is partnering with another mission to work towards this faith-stretching goal.

One of the long range plans is to recruit national Christians to be trained as recordists and research assistants to complete the recording task in Sudan. The pilot project will set up a center in the south to distribute evangelism recordings which we already have in our audio library. Later this year a team of eight people plan to take in cassette and CD duplicators along with a complete set of masters for both media formats. Language maps will be prepared also to show where each language is spoken.

Sudan presents many challenges. Not least of these is sharing the love of Jesus with a growing Muslim population. Islam is on the rise. That there will be opposition we have no doubt. But this is God's work and He always leads us in triumph in His Son.