Ever too Late?

Ever too Late?

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No, it's never too late to become a foreign missionary!

Last Month Alex Shaw told you something of the LRI work and workers in the Philippines. Mrs Croucher is a missionary/tourist who has also used the materials there. She is an older widow who lives in Sydney. She 'loves kids', and went to the Philippines last year to work with the Island Outreach Ministries. This was her second trip to the Philippines. She had previously been to Mexico as well. She travelled to Cebu from Manila, then took a three hour boat trip across to Bohol.

In an interview with Kim Knight, she said, "It was great, every bit was great! I just loved it... I can see so much work to be done. The great part about it is the children. They just love to hear the stories - they just soak it all up. The adults also listen behind the kids - it's just wonderful. I notice such a difference with our kids back here. They're bored and don't want to hear or sing - but over there we could have kids' club every day!

The LRI flipcharts are just wonderful. I just love them because they have big pictures and I love the colouring of the skin, especially for the Island people. I love the way they point to the Lord Jesus. In the Old Testament they bring the relevance of Christ back in each section. I can't speak highly enough of this literature - in fact I've started using it again in Scripture classes here. I find this with your stories, especially for the Island people who apparently don't have very much education. The stories are simple and very brief and to the point, just the simple Gospel! The challenge goes out every time... I just can't speak highly enough of these materials!

One pastor had used the tape and the 'Good News' and he said that was very good. I saw some young girls turning the handle (of the cassette player) and there was a group of kids singing songs around it...

Another time we were invited into a jail. Three evenings we were invited back to the same jail because the prisoners loved us to come. There were only 39 prisoners with a Christian warden. I was asked to tell a story. I had never done that before. I started in the 'Good News' Book from Creation, Adam and Eve's sin and Noah and moved on to the birth of Jesus and some of His works,.. His going up into Heaven and finished up with the two roads which I feel is so challenging - 'It's your choice, which road will you take?' I told them. I just believed that God would really bless this story.

We had many, many meetings and we used your literature probably 99% of the time. Because it is just so simple - you can get the message over with maybe two pictures. They relate to the picture of Jesus walking on the water... so it was told many times (these children use the outrigger boats every other day of their lives). I think these books are made for the Philippines. They are so relevant."

Yes, Mrs Croucher is a challenge to us all.

Maybe you too could take some LRI materials if you are planning an overseas trip!