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Dalene, recordist, with Raimundu and Antonio in the recording facility
Dries and Rentia with the sexton of the Eloffsdal Church
Thelma seeing that we get breakfast, before starting the long day of recording

There are an estimated 3 million LOMWES. About 30% can read mostly PORTUGUESE.

90% of Church-goers Involved in Witchcraft

According to the Operation Mobilisation team leader on Mocuba, Antonio, up to 90% of the LOMWE church goers are involved in witchcraft, including some church leaders, basically due to a lack of sound Biblical teaching and the absence of enough Bible literature.

Especially Excited about Old Testament

When we met him first, Antonio was particularly excited about the first five books of our Look, Listen & Live teaching series, since they also contain teaching from the Old Testament. Some LOMWES would not accept the Old Testament as part of God's Word, because they then only received the LOMWE New Testament in printed form! Antonio saw the translation of the Look, Listen and Live teaching series into LOMWE as an opportunity to do away with this misunderstanding and to help to equip the local LOMWE church with some basic teaching from God's Word in the mother tongue. He thus committed himself to see this teaching series translated.

A small team of trained translators helped Antonio with the translation work in Mocuba. Trans World Radio helped him to pre-record some LOMWE songs to bring along to South Africa to mix in between the picture commentaries.

3 Organisations and 1 Congregation Made it Happen

Then Antonio and one other reader, Raimundo (Raymond), came to Pretoria for the recording of the picture commentary. Eloffsdal Dutch Reformed Church kindly allowed us the use of their premises for the recording work.

We stayed with the Dries and Rentia Pauley from Light for the Nations who live just opposite the church. They've been prayer partners of GNM and users of our evangelism materials for quite some time, and since Dries was also keen to learn more about recording and is busy putting up a home studio for himself. They were just great hosts!

Thelma Mitford-Barberton from the OM Office in Pretoria also did her part in helping to organise the whole event, and during the first of her short visits, she even jumped in to make porridge for breakfast! During the 3-4 hour recording sessions, we fed on COKE and chocs (not the best but quickest way to retain energy), while Rentia made sure we eat healthy during meals. 4 1/2 days and 2 pair of red eyes later we finished recording and checking.

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