Sansi [ssi]

ISO Language Name: Sansi
ISO Language Code: ssi
Population: 76,200

GRN has identified 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Bhil: Sansi

GRN Language Number: 3552
ROD Dialect Code: 03552
Population: 600,000

Other names for Bhil: Sansi

भील: सांसी

Where Bhil: Sansi is spoken


Audio recordings available in Bhil: Sansi

A64285 Good News
A64472 Iman Ka Ikrar [Confession Of Faith]
A16830 Words of Life
A65512 پاک روح کے اعمال [LLL 8 Acts of the HOLY SPIRIT]
A65509 خدا کے بندوں کی آزمائش [LLL 5 On Trial for GOD]
A65508 خدا کے خادم [LLL 4 Servants of GOD]
A65506 خدا کے شہ زور مرد [LLL 2 Mighty Men of GOD]
A65507 خدا کے وسیلے سے فتح [LLL 3 Victory through GOD]
A65505 دنیا کیسے بنی!۔ [LLL 1 Beginning with GOD]
A65510 یسوع اُستاد اور شافی [LLL 6 JESUS - Teacher & Healer]
A65511 یسوع، خداوند اور نجات دہندہ [LLL 7 JESUS - Lord & Saviour]

2. Sansi: Sochi

GRN Language Number: 16305
ROD Dialect Code: 16305
Population: 60,000

Other names for Sansi: Sochi

सांसी : सोची

Where Sansi: Sochi is spoken


Audio recordings available in Sansi: Sochi

A64750 Good News
A64749 Swargk Ka Rasta [The Way To Heaven]