Parkari Koli [kvx]

ISO Language Name: Parkari Koli
ISO Language Code: kvx
Population: 275,000

GRN has identified 2 spoken languages and dialects within this language code.

1. Parkari

GRN Language Number: 3557
ROD Dialect Code: 03557
Population: 200,000

Other names for Parkari

Gujarati, Parkari Kohli
Gujarati: Parkari Kohli
Koli, Parkari
Parkari Kohli

Where Parkari is spoken


Audio recordings available in Parkari

A75202 Good News
A75201 Songs
C07670 Words of Life 1
C09540 Words of Life 2
C09541 Words of Life 3 w/ HINDUSTANI

2. Sindhi Koli

GRN Language Number: 22731
ROD Dialect Code: 22731
Population: 170,000

Other names for Sindhi Koli

سندھی: کوہلی

Where Sindhi Koli is spoken


People Groups who speak Parkari Koli

Koli; Koli Mahadev; Koli of Sind, Hindu;