Good News for the Karen Sgaw people of Thailand

Nan, speaking Karen Sgaw on a new recording
Nan, speaking Karen Sgaw on a new recording

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Phet recording the Karen Sgaw language
In a Karen Sgaw village young men and old listening to the gospel on the Saber mp3 player

Earlier this year, Nan, a student from Bangkok Bible Seminary, joined GRN Thailand for a ten-week internship. A member of the Karen Sgaw tribe of southeast Asia, Nan had never imagined she would have the opportunity or the resources to provide the good news for her people in their language. That is, until she heard about GRN's audio recordings and picture booklets. Part of Nan's internship was spent adapting our Good News program specifically for the Karen Sgaw who live in Thailand. This program was originally made in Burma. Working on the project with her was staff member Phet, also a Karen Sgaw.

Nan explains: "Life in the mountains is difficult and inconvenient, so there are no shepherds (pastors) to nurture the believers. When the evangelist leaves the village, the new believers can't grow as much as they should. When they encounter problems they often leave God's way and go back to the way they once followed."

Nan was excited to learn more about the work of GRN Thailand. "I can see how the recordings are an effective means for communicating the Good News to my people. Even though most mountain people have not been educated and cannot read or write, they can learn about God through listening to recordings." Nan added, "There are still many mountain villages that have not yet heard the gospel, and it is certain they won't hear it if no one goes to share it with them."

GRN Thailand's burden for the Karen Sgaw began many years ago when staff members K & V received requests for Good News materials from a Karen Sgaw neighbor in Chiang Mai. The burden was shared also by others. During a recent office devotional time, Allan Eubanks (a 50-year veteran missionary in Thailand, who in 1962 began to share the gospel with the Talako, a religious sect of the Karen Sgaw) said, "The doors are now open wide for many true believers to come forth among the Talako. The audio recordings and pictorial scripts are extremely valuable. We must give them out. We shouldn't give up. This is the time to see God's fruit."

In July, several Thai staff members visited many homes in a Karen Sgaw village in the Lamphun area distributing message CDs. For many it was their first time to hear the story of Jesus. GRN staff member, Lot Ganoi says, "Because the village did not have electricity, we used GRN's Saber mp3 machines to play songs and the message of the gospel. The people were happy and excited to hear that in their language. We stayed with the local people, eating with them and building relationships. They invited us to come back again. They are wanting to know more about God."