'My heart opens faster!'- The importance of the heart language

'My heart opens faster!'- The importance of the heart language

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Since joining GRN Thailand, Phet Wachanachai no longer thinks only in terms of his own people group or language. Now he sees that God's mission is that every people group hear the gospel in their own language. "I'm learning the value of the gospel being heard in the people group's heart language, not just in another language," said Phet. "For me, if I hear the gospel in English or Thai, I may understand it, but if someone is sharing it in Karen, this touches my heart more, and especially if a song is in Karen, my heart opens faster."

Since a young boy, Phet has been blessed by missionaries. Now he considers it a blessing to be able to serve as one. He believes there are two key aspects of sharing the gospel: the message being shared in the heart language, and the attitude and love displayed to the people by the one doing the sharing.

"We can learn different aspects of God as we hear the message in the different languages we speak, but truly the one common language is the love of God."