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Clayton, Margaret, Faith and Laura
Clayton, Margaret, Faith and Laura

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Clayton demonstrating the Saber to a local

Clayton and friend transporting relief supplies

Clayton with locals in need of transport

Faith at Blue Hole on Oyster Island

by Christine Platt

The Dillon family have been serving God with GRN in Vanuatu over the past two years on their home a catamaran called the "Shining Light". They commenced their final ocean crossing in early November to return to Australia and finish up their ministry with GRN.

They have had wonderful opportunities to distribute recordings, picture books, Bibles and other Christian resources to many remote island communities. They worked in partnership with the Bible Society. People were very thankful to receive the resources.

Clayton is very good with technology. He provided churches with Saber players loaded with recordings of the appropriate languages. He prepared micro SD cards and mobile phones loaded with recordings and audio visuals. He also loaded content onto people's existing phones and micro SD cards.

Cyclone Pam provided the Dillons with opportunities to transport relief supplies along with Christian resources to many villages. On Emae Island, they distributed, on behalf of the Bible Society, 13 boxes of Bibles (208 Bibles) to replace the Bislama Bibles that had been destroyed in the cyclone.

The Bible distribution was part of a project with Island Mission Partners.

Anchoring at a small village called Aulua, they visited an older man that Clayton met at the Presbyterian Assembly. Pastor Kalwat Kalran was a language helper for a recording done many years ago. He was very proud of his previous work and is keen to be involved with recording more of his language in the future. Pastor Kalwat helped organise a GRN/Bible Society day while Dillons were there. At the end of the day they donated a Saber player to him in recognition of his work. He will use the Saber player in the 9 churches he oversees in the area.

Another valuable service the Dillons have been able to provide is transporting people. Transport between islands can be difficult, unreliable and very slow. They have met many interesting characters and been a help to many who have hitched a ride.

Faith and Laura have their school on board and Margaret has been faithfully teaching them when they are not sailing. Reading while sailing leads to sea sickness and so sailing time means a break from the books. Faith recently celebrated her 12th birthday on Oyster Island where she spent the day with 5 other boat friends (kids who also live on boats). They had a great time swinging on the rope swing at a place called Blue Hole.

Clayton and Margaret wrote, "We've enjoyed our involvement with GRN over the past 2 years. We believe GRN's resources are terrific and are a fantastic tool for everyone, whether you are ministering overseas in a foreign country or just simply reaching out to your next door neighbour, whose heart language is different to yours. GRN's ministry of "Telling the story of Jesus in Every Language" is so valuable."

Sadly, the Dillons are planning on selling the Shining Light upon their return to Australia. We are sorry to see them leaving GRN, but look forward to maintaining our friendship with them into the future. We are also encouraged by the possibilities of a sailing ministry around the Pacific and will be open to similar ministries in the future.