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by a GRN staff member

My family and I were traveling back from meetings in Maryland when we had an interesting opportunity. The attendant at a service station we stopped at was dressed in full outfit from India, including a turban. He was very friendly. When I engaged him in conversation he told me where he was from, what his language was (Punjabi of North India) and little about his Sikh religion.

My wife talked a little with him while I went out to the truck and made a CD, taking me less than five minutes. When she presented it to him he was overwhelmed with joy. He came running out of the building to thank me while I was packing up my computer in the truck. I played a bit of the CD to make sure it was his language and his face glowed, "It is talking about Jesus!"

How many times I have happened upon folks like this in service stations and other places and not been able to do anything. But this time was different. I commented to my wife, who herself was elated with the experience, "Right now I think we are the only family in the world that has the ability to give a CD in any of 4,000 languages right from our truck!"

But oh that thousands had this chance! For little more than $150 a removable hard drive could be loaded with all of our mp3 recordings, as I have done. Anyone with a laptop having a CD burner could suddenly have their own mobile distribution system!

And the truck is optional! The system works just as well with a backpack!