Mountains of Abra Rejoicing

Mountains of Abra Rejoicing

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While on the initial recording trip up in the mountains of Abra, in 2004, the GRN Philippines team stayed in one of the host churches, and demonstrated how the hand-cranked cassette tape operated without batteries.

All of a sudden, an old lady came out from behind the bush looking for the messages and songs she heard while gardening. She sat and listened intently as the audio recordings in her mother tongue were being played. Droplets of tears developed in her eyes, as a sign of joy.

The team decided to give the cassette player to her. Rejoicing, with thanksgiving, she went back to the farm with the hand wind cassette player and shared the message of salvation on audio cassette recordings among her friends working in the farm. in the Tinggian dialect.

We made a follow up trip in 2006 to the same place, for actual evaluation and more recordings. The same old lady told us that the cassette player together with the cassette messages and tapes were stolen from her house. God is good, in that we still had another one to give her. Blessed as she was, she gave us a half sack of rice and some vegies from the farm.

--JXT GRN 2006