On the WEB!

On the WEB!

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by Rob McDonell

The internet has become a major tool for evangelism today. It reaches into nearly every country in the world, and goes to places where missionaries cannot.

GRN now has more than 5000 Gospel messages in 3600 languages available for download over the internet. All free! Recordings in another 2000 languages can be ordered online, but we are working hard to make most of these available for download as well.

The audio files can be listened to online. They can also be downloaded by national pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and local churches - anyone who wants to share God's word with someone in another language, or their own. They can be copied to cassettes, CDs, laptops, iPods and MP3 players, and used where the internet is not available. Online resources from GRN and other missions bring the gospel to 98% of the people of the world in their own language.

You can use this resource in your own ministry to people next door, or on the other side of the world. Here are some web sites to find the gospel in audio and video, in different languages: