Ghana: Sounds of rejoicing

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By Bible Church of Africa, Ghana.

"This Good News will be preached to all Nations." Matt 12:14

July 21, 2002

Dear Philip,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We trust this letter finds you and your family in good health by God's grace.

We wish to offer our apologies as we have been meaning to write this letter for a long time. The one good thing about the delay is that we can now tell you about how God has been working since your visit in February.

Firstly we thank you for taking the time and energy to travel all the way to help us to share the good news with the people of another country. Please pass our thanks on to your families and to John for the part they all played in the success of the outreach. We were so happy with the way the two of you ate and slept with us throughout the time. May God bless you for your efforts.

In each of the villages that we visited and held outreaches we are glad to say that there are groups of believers that have continued in the Lord. Let us now tell how things are going on in several of the villages.

In a recent visit to Sagia we were met by a group of about 13 adults this was even after a rain when people are eager to go farm and plant. Since the outreach, one member has asked for his new child to be named. One member who has epilepsy has been helped to get the drugs required to control his condition. At Yikpabongo two Muslim men and their wives and children have joined the church since the outreach. In addition many who had strayed from the Lord were challenged to always live holy lives. At Tantosi, in addition to the believers during the outreach, several people who had left the fellowship have returned and are now seriously involved. Finally, people from Mpeasem were very encouraged by your visit and often ask about you. Since you left, three others have joined as result of hearing God's word during the outreach.

In addition to the help to the outreach areas, we the Pastors really appreciated your encouragement and in particular the books and pamphlets have been a great benefit to us.

As you can see the Lord has used the time of outreach to draw people to himself. He has further used the materials left by you to strengthen these people and in some cases to add to those who originally made possible for you to come on the outreach and to assist us with the tape players and flip charts.

Yours faithfully,

Pastor Edward Andelembe on behalf of the BCA Pastors.

(This is one of the many testimonies received in our office)