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Showing the 'Jesus' film at Hagou
Showing the 'Jesus' film at Hagou

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From Sodalo Clement - GRN Director in Togo

GR-Togo held an outreach to the Nawdm Siou people from 25-29 June. Thank God the outreach was a real success. The Nawdm people are known in Togo to be the most resistant northern idolatrous people group of Togo. But even as the Nawdm are resistant, the Siou are worse. With over 16 villages, no evangelical church has been established there apart from one village where the Assemblies of God have started a work, but with little success. Some of the Christian natives from that area whom we met in Lome, warned us to be careful, saying that the most famous and powerful evangelist of our country went there and had only 11 converts in three days! We were anxious but not disarmed. We worked in two villages, namely: Hagou and Konfanga. The main strongholds in these villages were idolatry, witchcraft and a mixture of Catholicism and idolatry, and of all, this last was the most dangerous.

Hagou: Having been informed of our arrival beforehand, the Catholic priest (in Konfanga) secretly organized the youth to resist us. They refused to let us work. We had no option other than to attempt the second village (Hagou) and see whether permission could be granted. Thank God this proposal was accepted and we were able to work there that night of 25th and 48 people gave their lives to the Lord! The next day, another six people gave their lives to the Lord. The second day we were not able to end the 'Jesus' film due to rain. On Sunday morning many of the converts attended the service and another five people gave their lives to the Lord, making a total of 59 people!

Konfangan people confessing Jesus Christ as their Saviour for the first timeKonfanga: On the 27th of June we came back to work at Konfanga on the appeal of the chief of the village. He even came to our house to apologize for what the youth had done. The Lord had already prepared their hearts. That evening 46 people gave their lives to the Lord. The next day we met with the converts and there, another 12 people gave their hearts to the Lord. In the evening another 16 people made the commitment to follow the Lord, making a total of 74 people in that second village. We are really grateful to the Lord for this success. May the Lord also bless all those who have prayed down this tremendous result. A total of 133 people have given their lives to the Lord in such a hard place! 300 cassettes were distributed.

Pray for the converts. They are often subject to persecutions and so many have to flee to the south before they can continue with their faith. Their main persecutors are 'Catholics'.

Pray for the Assemblies of God Pastor there, he is striving alone without anybody to care for him; he needs courage and resources.

Post script: Following the above report, Sodalo wrote that the AOG Pastor has already built a small chapel at Konfanga so that he can follow up the new Siou converts.

From Christine & Selwyn Sexton, Zambia

Trust this (quote) is an encouragement to you all. "Audio cassette players, tapes, and scripts are really a big help to those who are not able to read and write in Mozambique and Phalombe. The SOWERS office received reports that Bible Study groups are growing and spiritual eyes of the people are being opened as they hear and see the creation of God and how He saved the world. It's really a great encouragement." (Quote from Paul Muotcha, the National Coordinator, Sowers International.)