Gospel Recordings Work Among Tibetans

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From the Global Prayer Digest, September 20, 2005

"They shall still bear fruit in old age" (Ps. 92:14). Stephanie was about 60 years of age when she must have said: "Here I am again, Lord. Send me!" Earlier, this missionary had felt led to send a Bible and some Gospel Recordings to the exiled Dalai Lama. Now she felt God calling her to go to talk with him. She left with $100 in her purse, but once there she felt the need to share the gospel with any Tibetan who would listen. What she thought to be a brief visit turned into 20 years, going from Buddhist temple to Buddhist temple, and from village to village, sharing the Good News. Her tools were Gospel Recordings and Christian literature.

In one large Tibetan camp of 1300 people, the principal of a school set two chairs outside the door-one for Stephanie and one for her GR player. As she began to play, a crowd quickly gathered, both children and old folk. For two hours they sat, spellbound, listening to the life-giving gospel message and being introduced to the Savior for the very first time! Yes, Stephanie did find Tibetans who were willing to listen!

Last year the 90-year-old plus missionary went to be with her Lord, but the work carries on.

Pray that God will use GR workers as they continue to point Tibetans to Christ, and that God will raise up many more Stephanies to personally take gospel recordings to unreached peoples like the Tibetans.-MH

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