Stuart Mill passes into glory -- with thanksgiving

Stuart Mill passes into glory -- with thanksgiving

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By Ramon Williams

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (ANS) -- A thanksgiving service for the life of John Stuart Mill, more commonly known simply as "Stuart Mill" was held in the Epping Baptist Church, Sydney, on May 7. Mr. Mill passed away on May 3, at the age of 90.

Stuart Mill was the first Australian staff member of Gospel Recordings and became the director of its branch here, where the mission later was known as Language Recordings and, by its international name, Global Recordings Network.

The memorial service was led by the pastor, Rev. Peter Wilkins, with two of Mr. Mill's grandchildren presenting the Scripture readings. Angela Petterson read Psalm 103:1-12, while Justine Mill read 1 Timothy 6:12-15 and 2 Timothy 4: 6-8. Eulogies were presented by Dick McLellan¸ another former director of the mission's center in Australia, and Doug Mill, one of four children of Stuart Mill.

Mr. McLellan spoke of Mr. Mill as a man who was known for his pioneering inventions in the production of simple record players. "He was even wondering about the use of CDs and DVDs in his last days, at the age of 90, said Mr. McLellan. "For hundreds and thousands the first contact with the Gospel was through the record and cassette players invented by Stuart. When missionaries arrived they found people who had already heard the Gospel in their own language.

"We did not always agree, added Mr. McLellan, "but he was humble enough to phone the next morning to say he was sorry. It takes a big - and gracious - man to say that! We were always friends. Today we salute Stuart Mill. While there are tribes still to be reached, there will be a need for Gospel recordings."

Doug Mill read tributes from various members of the family, especially words of appreciation from the grandchildren. Some remembered his hands when he treated bruised knees while others remembered him taking time to play with them.

Doug Mill said, "He was the ultimate workaholic and even today there are patents pending on some of his inventions."

In a closing message, Mr. Wilkins stated, "Stuart Mill was a man who pleased God. He showed growth ... here was a man who endured. Here was a man who gave thanks ... who could be thankful for everything. He pleased God. Do you?"