Far from civilization... but not far from God

Far from civilization... but not far from God

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By Elda Arguella

The Mashco Piro is a very small group of people living in the jungles of Peru. They live in isolation far from any kind of civilization and from the other communities living in the Amazon River regions.

The Mashco Piro has been blamed for the recent deaths of two foresters and for the disappearance of ten other people who entered the Amazon jungle to remove native woods illegally.

The Mashco Piro still live in the stone age. Not even their neighbors try to have any contact with them.

They do not try to understand the languages that are spoken around them nor do they respond to signs of those wanting to establish friendship. Although they are far from civilization, the Mashco are not far from God who loves them and longs for them to love Him in return.

Our Peru recording team is planning to travel to the Mashco Piro. We are ready for this new challenge to prepare evangelistic materials for these people within the Amazon jungle, so very far from and forgotten by the rest of the people in Peru. We are not reckless, much less are we brave. But we know as David said, that we go "in the name of the Lord of hosts." God has motivated us by the fact that they need to know Jesus Christ.

Please pray for us as we go to the Mashco Piru!

Elda Arguella is from Argentina and is the leader of the GRN recording team in Peru.