Short-term mission... Liberian style!

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We want to praise God so much for his many blessings and for the success of the recent outreach in Plebo.

Because of the bad roads, the team took five days to reach Plebo city and five days to return. In some areas we walked 14 miles and other areas we pushed the bus up the hills since it could not do it alone. Two staff members got sick from the walking and cold. When they arrived, there was a curfew in the county. People were killing young people and children for rituals.

Because of the curfew we went on to Golobo Town. The Nyanbo Grebo people live in this area. According to history, Golobo has been the demonic town where human body parts were openly sold for rituals in the 60's and 70's. Though it is not done openly today it still goes on. However, God used the curfew situation to open 'a door' for the people in this town. For two nights we showed the Jesus film. Over 1,250 people watched the film and 169 people accepted the Lord openly. They were all baptized on February 09, 2005.

When the curfew was lifted by the government, we went back to Plebo City and showed the film for three nights. Many of these forest dwellers' lives were touched. Over 2,800 people watched the film, 730 accepted the Lord and openly confessed the Lord Jesus Christ. Some even confessed killing and destroying family members' farms. 312 people were baptized at the end of the program on February 13, 2005. To assist with follow-up, we distributed 40 Messenger Players and 600 cassettes of Gospel Messages in the Nyenebo-GREBO and Nyanbo-GREBO Languages.

From the GRN team in Liberia.