A letter home

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Shalom friends

Had this on my list to try to get to you on this very busy week.

Some of you may remember that I wrote sometime about the Kazak teacher who accused me of running nothing more than religious lessons and was telling people not to attend the adult English lessons. That was just before No 2 school made me an honourary Director!

Well 2 weeks later I had a surprise visit to my tent by my Kazak teacher. She was silent for quite a while then started telling me about her husband and how he believes in Jesus. He'd obtained a New Testament and he read it every day. He also attended a Campus Crusade conference in H city and had come back with a Jesus video. The husband, Norman, had been telling my teacher, N'l, that she should learn about Jesus too, and she had come visiting to ask questions. It was a long afternoon and we prayed a prayer before she left.

During the time she asked if I had any material in Kazak. I did. I had purchased 5 Kazak recordings on tape from GRN in Australia the last time I was back. We listen to some of it first and I asked her opinion. "Oh", said N'l, "these words are very beautiful - they go deep into you - and they call us God's relatives" (Apparently this is very significant for the Kazaks.) She took the tape and the one and only little old leaflet I had in Kazak. The next week she asked for another tape and I wondered why.

Every weekend they go out to the plains to visit Nomand's Mother, They played her the tape and she was so excited she wanted her own - she had been waiting for this News, this information all her life. Apparently she was quite upset when her son would not leave the tape with her. I parcelled one up and gave it to her son at school the next day. The next week I received special food as a gift - We continue to exchange things through the son. I've never met this other grandmother! Then just 2 days before I left for the capital, N'l asked me for another tape. Her Mother had come into town from her village to enter hospital and she wanted to hear the about the peace of Jesus. Apparently N'l had been telling her about it! I gave her another tape. I had 2 left.

Then at school no. 1 a Kazak geography teacher started asking me question during long break time. He is the champion school geography teacher for all H city. I was lead to give him a tape also. I have a master cassette, which I was given and am about to ask Campus Crusade here in the capital for their facility to duplicate some more. This is a door I never expected in my town, which now has 2 Muslim Imams.

Normand and N'l are a lovely young couple with a little boy whom N'l's grandmother named, Esus. Apparently her grandmother believed in Jesus too as she had given him his name.

Yesterday I tried to buy a Kazak Bible but there is nothing to be found.

God is going about his business in this town and I sense that I am there to just be available for Him in so many different aspects of our colourful lives.

Be encouraged, friends, God only needs grandmothers like me to be in places like this and together we can see that, EVERY TRIBE AND NATION will hear the Good NEWS.

Have a wonderful day............J

(J lives in a remote region where the Kazaks are not the major people group.)