The right bus

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Early last year a Global Recordings Recordist recorded the Q language and gave out about 100 CDs in the tribal area.

A couple of months ago he was on an intercity bus, when an Indigenous Indian boarded and sat next to him. The GRN Recordist started chatting and found out that the man was from where the Q language is spoken, but lived on a Island away from his homeland. He told the GRN Recordist that there is a cluster of people speaking the Q language living on this Island, and that they had heard about a CD with messages from God, in their language. The Indians on the Islands pooled their funds and bought a plane ticket worth $800 to send this man to the mainland to find the CDs for them.

By then the GRN Recordist was weeping for joy, and told the man that he could get the CDs that they needed. The man took home a couple hundred CDs, spiritual bread and life for his people!