The Power of Prayer in Nepal

The Power of Prayer in Nepal

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From the Director

After 'Trekabout 2009' - the short term mission to Nepal, one of the impressions that stands out most in my mind from that mission is the prayer life of the Nepali believers we encountered. The Nepali church is young. It has come through some hard times but it is growing very quickly and is now enjoying a time of relative peace and safety. Their prayer life has been shaped in the fires of persecution and demonstrates a fervency and faith not often seen in Australian churches.

When Nepalis gather together for prayer, they pray all together, out loud. It is a bit overwhelming the first time you encounter this but it seems that each believer is just so keen to lift up his or her voice in praise and supplication that if they took turns they would never get through! So they all pray together at the same time.

For many Christian Nepalis, prayer is their first response to a challenge or problem not a last resort, and they will usually start with praise, not with their needs or wants.

I have been challenged and encouraged by my brief encounter with the Nepali church. I want to pass on that challenge and to encourage you in the coming month to regularly and frequently call out to God in praise and faith filled intercession. We are blessed to be the children of a wonderful, merciful and generous heavenly Father.

In Christ,

Graydon Colville