The True Cost of a Cassette

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What does it really cost to make a recording of the Gospel for oral communicators?

by Dick McLellan

What is the true cost of making a recording of the Gospel for oral communicators ... a cassette that proclaims the Lordship of Christ?

Think of our recordists and the years spent in Bible school. This is followed by training in linguistics and cross-cultural communications, sound recording, script adaptation, technical skills and language research.

Think of the difficulties of travel, getting visas, shots. The food differences, disease, dangers, living with strangers, phones that don't work.

Think of problems of finding good language helpers, many who fail to turn up on time or not at all! Then there are communication difficulties, wrong translations, checking, correcting, re-recording, trying again.

Think of lost time waiting, sweating in tropical huts, sickness, spiritual forces of darkness, pressures, fears, the discouragements and loneliness.

In addition to the work of the recordists, think of all our prayer partners faithfully asking God for guidance, blessing and provision. And let's not forget those who give sacrificially and those who give their young people to go.

Think of those in our offices who do the sometimes mundane but essential jobs such as writing letters, packing parcels, copying cassettes, assembling players.

But then success! Answered prayer, praise, rejoicing, a language captured for Christ, a precious cassette of the Gospel message available to be copied a hundred times for people to listen to over and over again.

And as they listen, light will come and conviction will grow about the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man and the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ.

Is it worth it all?

If you could just see the amazement on the face of one who hears God's Word in their own language for the first time. The wonder of it, the wide eyes, the gasps, the smiles, hands clapping, the chatter as the news is passed along! They can listen to that cassette, not once but a dozen times until the truth dawns, minds are enlightened, knowledge obtained, the message received, believed and obeyed, people repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Yes it is worth it all! To GOD be all the glory!