Kono Report

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A nine-man team from Gospel Recordings, Mount Calvary Video Outreach Ministry, Bread of Life Church, Christian Community Church and some students that graduated from the Mission school this year made the trip to Kono. The team was there for a week but eventually did 13 days as the need to reach out kept increasing.

You need to have a background of Kono and that will help you to appreciate these guys all the more. Kono is 300 miles from Freetown. It is the diamond district of this country. Many people from all over Africa come and live there to mine or buy diamonds. Because the people are most times busy finding diamonds, they hardly find time for God.

To us Kono is an unreached area. Even the muslims who are there find it difficult to pray. There are no houses in Kono. The team slept on bare floor. All the houses in this place were burnt by the rebels. The few surviving ones have been taken over by Non-Governmental Organizations.

Nine Open Air meetings and 3 seminars were held. On each night's showing either the Jesus film or another, about 130 people will come and watch. This number is fairly small compared to other areas we have been. But it is amazing in this case, when you hardly see people around each night. They do all go into mining in the night especially illicit mining.

Well in all of this, God moved in a mysterious way. The people were afraid -- by whatever I don't know -- to come in the open and give their lives to Christ. But after each night's program, the team would receive a lot of "Nicodemuses" asking that they be prayed for to accept Christ. I really don"t know why they were afraid. But at the end of it they were all genuine. Before the team left, The Christian Community Church established churches in 3 locations and each has an average of 67 people. This number doesn't include children.

Kono is still being possessed by ex-combattants, both of Sierra Leone and Liberia. These people made commitments to know Jesus. In as much as I would not want to doubt God, but it will interest you all the more when you know their backgrounds and yet they now want to follow Him.

The outreaches saw a total of 437 people recorded to have given their lives to Christ. Alongside this, God performed miracles as well. A woman who has been bleeding for 3 years received her healing. A couple who turned their backs on Jesus as a result of looking for money were reinstated. They had known Jesus 17 years back but backslided. Now they have come back to Him.

There were oppositions from the enemy as well. Our generator broke down twice and the projector once. We are used to this now. We hardly have an outreach of this nature without an attack from the enemy.

Because of the young people there and their desire to know the Lord, we have dedicated part of next year's mission school to that place. We would be having a 6-week course for them in January through February.

Our usual method was employed. The showing of film and preaching was carried out in the evening, while the playing and distribution of our cassettes was done during the day. 411 tapes were distributed in 4 languages and 7 players were passed out. The seminars saw 78 potential church leaders being trained in basic ministry.

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