The Only True God

Outline: This dialogue uses the thoughts about idols from Psalm 115. Includes "saints" and refers to incense and candles, but by deleting those phrases this script can be used for idol worshippers. Ends with explanation of Christ's death and resurrection. Easily adaptable for specific needs.

Script Number:153
Theme:Evil Spirits, demons; Love of God; Death of Christ

Script Text

1. Hello! What are you doing?

2. Nothing. I'm grinding corn.

1. I'm going to help you. (Pause 3 sec.) (sound of Pig) Get out! Get out!

2. Where is your child?

1. On an errand - here he is. He just came back with candles and incense.

2. Why do you burn these?

1. I burn them to the saints. Don't you have saints too?

2. I don't have any saints. They're just wood, clay and paper. They're not alive. Men made them with their hands.- They have a mouth. Do they make words?

1. Not they.

2. They have eyes. Do they see?

1. They don't see anything. (No, also no.)

2. They have ears. Do they hear? (Can they hear anything?)

1. They don't hear. ( No, they don’t hear anything.)

2. They have noses (a nose). Do they smell (know how to smell)?

1. Not they (No, they can’t smell).

2. They have hands. Do they (Can they) clap?

1. They don't clap. They don't touch anything. ( No, they can’t. They can’t play anything.)

2. They have legs. Do they (Can they) walk?

1. They don't walk. They can't. (Also, no.)

2. Saints are not alive. But I know one who is living - that's Jesus (alive—it’s Jesus).

1. He died on the cross. I have a cross in the house. See the flowers on it (in my house. You can see the flowers I put on it).

2. God does not want you to bow down to (adore) saints. Incense and candles are not necessary. God wants you (yourself). He wants you to bow down to Him alone (only worship Him). He wants you to believe Him (in Him alone).

1. How can I believe (in) God? I thought it was a good thing (good) to burn incense and (light) candles. I thought it was a good thing to decorate the cross with flowers.

2. The Bible says that this type of work is not necessary. But it is necessary to believe in Jesus Christ. He died on the cross because of (for) your sins. The cross doesn't have any strength (has no value or power). It's just wood (It is only wood). God's Son in the flesh on the cross has great strength (The Son of God on the cross had great power). After Jesus died, He rose again. His friends hunted for Him in (searched) the place where He was (had been) buried. (But they did not find Him.) He was not there. There was an angel who said, “I know that you are hunting (looking) for Jesus who was killed. He is not here. He is risen, as He said."

1. Ture? (Really?) Then, where is Jesus now?

2. He is in Heaven. He sees you all the time. He loves you very much. He wants your mouth to tell those (others) who do not know. He wants your hands to open His book. He wants your feet to walk the Jesus Road (Way of Jesus). He is by your side all the time: when you wash clothes, when you prepare (fix) meals, whatever you do (when you do anything). Jesus is your friend. Open your heart to Jesus now.

(You may add a hymn, or the appropriate portion of Psalm 115)