Vehicle for GRN Philippines

Picture: The current vehicle - old and unreliable - but essential

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The vehicle also serves as team home when they are travelling
The Izusu Mux will meet the team's needs

Praise God! A new car has been bought. See more of this great answer to prayer at Philippines New Car.

The GRN Philippines team is praying for a new vehicle. Their current one is old and unreliable.

Many people, including international visitors, have experienced mishaps and delays due to the vehicle not working properly.

A vehicle is essential to the team to reach the remote communities. It enables safe transport of recordings and recording equipment and the team can travel at any time.

It also serves as the team home when they are in the field.

After research and prayer, the team have decided that an Izusu Mux (pictured right) will be suitable. This will cost around USD33,000 - or 1,700,000 Philippines Pesos.

Will you join with us in helping GRN Philippines buy a new vehicle?

To support this GRN Philippines Project please contact Christine Platt in the Australian office.

Or you can give here designating your gift to "Vehicle for GRN Philippines".

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