Central Australia

Central Australia

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GRN has been supplying recordings and flipcharts to communities in Central Australia for many years.

The Alyawarr people currently have 15 books of the Bible translated into their own language. Please pray for the ongoing translation project. One missionary reports being unable to meet the demand for Bibles and other Christian books and GRN materials.

It is a great joy to know that GRN has played a part in bringing the good news about Jesus Christ to these people. Following the Easter Convention in 2012 a revival swept through the entire Alyawarr language area, lasting over a year. One missionary reported being unable to meet the demand for Bibles, other Christian books and GRN materials. It has been a huge privilege for us to talk to missionaries who have worked with these communities for decades, and to hear their joy at seeing God at work transforming people's lives in such a dramatic way.

GRN Materials in Alyawarr

GRN has eight audio programs in Alyawarr.

GRN flipcharts are often used in worship services and Sunday School. Groups of ladies will sit around listening to the recordings and looking at the pictures.

Some of them in turn used the GRN Good News audio program as part of the teaching materials. GRN recordist Noel Bachelor reports: "I met one of the Alyawarr evangelists that we had recorded with, and on mentioning it, he pulled his small GRN picture book from his shirt pocket, and said it was his 'Bible', that he used in talking to people about the Lord."

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