Information about Spagna

Area (sq km):504,783
FIPS Country Code:SP
ISO Country Code:ES
GRN Office:Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas Spain

Map of Spagna

Map of Spagna

Languages and dialects spoken in Spagna

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Found 12 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Aragonese: Common [Spain, Aragón]
Aragonese: Ribagorzano [Spain]
Basque: Biscayan [Spain]
Basque: Guipuzcoan [Spain]
Calão [Spain]
Catalan: Central [Valenciana]
Catalonian Sign Language [Spain]
French: Gitan [Spain]
Galician [Spain, Galicia]
Northwestern Catalan [Spain]
Spanish: Castellano [Spain]
Spanish Sign Language [Spain]

People Groups in Spagna

Americans, U.S.; Anusim, Crypto-Jew; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, Moroccan; Aragonese; Armenian; Asturian; Basque; Berber, Canary Islands; Black African, general; British; Bulgarian; Cape Verdean; Catalonian; Cuban; Danish; Deaf; Dutch; Extremaduran; Fala; Filipino, Tagalog; Finnish; French; Galician; Gascon; German; German Swiss; Greek; Gypsy, Spanish, Gitano; Han Chinese, Mandarin; Irish; Italian; Japanese; Jew, Spanish; Jew, Spanish Speaking; Korean; Kurd, Kurmanji; Latin American; Latin American, Mestizo; Lithuanian; Norwegian; Persian; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Romani, Calo; Romani, Vlax; Russian; South Asian, general; Spaniard; Swedish; Turk; Ukrainian; Valencian;

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