Information about Guinea-Bissau

Area (sq km):36,125
FIPS Country Code:PU
ISO Country Code:GW
GRN Office:

Map of Guinea-Bissau

Map of Guinea-Bissau

Languages and dialects spoken in Guinea-Bissau

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Found 33 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Bainouk-Gunyono [Guinea-Bissau]
Balanta [Guinea-Bissau]
Balanta: de Fora [Guinea-Bissau]
Balanta: Mane [Guinea-Bissau]
Balanta: Naga [Guinea-Bissau]
Balanta: Quentohe [Gambia, The]
Beafada [Guinea-Bissau]
Bidyogo [Guinea-Bissau]
Bijago: Bubaque [Guinea-Bissau]
Bijago: Canhabaque [Guinea-Bissau]
Bijago: Caravela [Guinea-Bissau]
Bijago: Uno-Orango [Guinea-Bissau]
Cassanga [Guinea-Bissau]
Cobiana [Guinea-Bissau]
Crioulo [Guinea-Bissau]
Felupe: Calequisse [Guinea-Bissau]
Felupe: Suzana [Guinea-Bissau]
Jola: Effoc [Guinea-Bissau]
Mancanha [Guinea-Bissau]
Manjaco: Baboque [Guinea-Bissau]
Manjaco: Batam [Gambia, The]
Manjaco: Binyhant [Guinea-Bissau]
Manjaco: Caio [Guinea-Bissau]
Manjaco: Churr [Guinea-Bissau]
Manjaco: Pecixe [Guinea-Bissau]
Mankayn [Gambia, The]
Mansoanca [Guinea-Bissau]
Papel [Guinea-Bissau]
Papel: Biombo [Guinea-Bissau]
Papel: Safim [Guinea-Bissau]
Portuguese [Portugal]
Pular [Gambia, The]
Soninke: Azer [Guinea-Bissau]

People Groups in Guinea-Bissau

Arab, Syrian; Badyara; Bainouk, Banyum; Balanta, Ganja; Balanta, Kentohe; Balanta, Mane; Balanta, Naga; Balanta, Nyakra; Bambara; Bassari; Biafada; Bijogo; Cape Verdean; Crioulo, Upper Guinea; Deaf; French; Fula Jalon; Fulakunda; Fulup, Jola-Bayote; Fulup, Jola-Felupe; Jahanka; Jola-Fonyi; Kasanga; Kobiana; Mandingo, Mandinka; Mandyak; Maninka, Western; Mankanya; Maswanka, Kunante; Nalu; Papel; Portuguese; Soninke; Susu; Wolof;

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